Register Costco Members

Costco Member Limited-Time Savings
September 1 – November 30, 2023

This Costco incentive is a great opportunity to help generate more sales, grow your customer base, and conquest from other manufacturers. If a Costco Member comes to your dealership without having previously registered and has not yet received an Authorization Number, please take a couple minutes to register the Costco Member at your dealership using this quick and easy form.

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To register a Member for the incentive, please enter the postal code of your dealership.

Note: You do not need to register a Costco Member if they already have an Authorization Number. If the Costco Member is purchasing or leasing multiple vehicles, they will need a separate Authorization Number for each transaction.

To register a Costco Member for additional Authorization Numbers, please call a Promotion Specialist at 1-877-513-8234 for assistance.

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